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"Declaring Independence from the Washington Political Empire."

"United We Stand, Divided We Fall and There is strength in numbers". We believe it's time to declare independence from the Washington Political Empire by supporting and electing representatives who will serve the people and uphold the Constitution. Our ReDeclaration of Independence holds politicians accountable, demanding actions like: border security, balanced budgets and term limits, to name a few. By signing, you affirm your commitment to a government that serves “We the People" and politicians that work for us, not themselves.

Please read, sign and forward the ReDeclaration of Independence to friends and family, then demand your Representatives sign and agree to pursue these ten tenets while in office.  Though we cannot address everything in one document, we demand our Reps. start with these, and of course there are many more that like-minded public servants can tackle to get our Republic back on track!  Our goal is that this petition and your signature, alongside millions of other Americans, will help elevate politicians who will honor our Constitution, Individual Liberties and States’ Rights. 

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The ReDeclaration of Independence

When in the course of American history it becomes evident that our government is no longer protecting our God-Given rights of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, yet rather serving the interests of itself, a duty is upon us, as citizens, to stand up and defend those rights enshrined in our constitution and endowed to us, by our Creator. 

Furthermore, it is clear to these citizens, of these United States, that many leaders in our government, over the course of time, have so perverted the laws and institutions of public service, to their benefit, that a ReDeclaration of our founding values and rights is required to maintain those sacred rights.

As our First Amendment clearly states, it is our right and duty to petition our government and its representatives for redress. By this document we hereby express those rights and that duty and point to the following issues and corresponding remedies demanded in the face of our Government’s malfeasance. We demand that these grievances be cured through the election of patriotic citizen Representatives to the U.S. Congress, who have signed and pledged to enforce this ReDeclaration of Independence, its 10 tenets, and thereby govern in a manner which guarantees the future Solvency and Liberty of these great United States. 

Honor and Enforce the Constitution as Written

1) To adhere to an originalist interpretation of the Constitution as a constant reminder of our rights, the rights of the States, and the delineated and limited roles of the branches of Government: The Constitution is not a “living document.” We should strive for excellence in implementation of its structures and principles rather than re-interpret this sacred document. Inevitable evolution shall be addressed, as designed, by Amendment.

Balanced Budget Amendment

2) To allow for the flourishing of free enterprise and private sector economic growth and to ensure a future of opportunity for our children: Adopt a Balanced Budget Amendment including the provision that the pay of Members of Congress, shall be suspended if such budget is not passed by Congress’ own deadline of October 1st each year. The budget shall prioritize defense, domestic infrastructure and citizen’s benefit before any aid being shared with foreign nations or foreign nationals.

Term Limits

3) To re-establish the principle of self-governance and rebuild the ties between the electorate and the officeholder: Enact and enforce term limits on Congress members and Senators of 12 years or less.

Secure Our Elections

4) To ensure the right of free, fair and transparent elections, establish in-person, single day, identification verified, paper-ballot, voting. Election day shall become a national holiday to honor the importance of the right to vote and allow citizens time to participate. Veterans Day would be a natural choice, honoring those who served and their sacrifices to preserve our right to free and fair elections.

An Open Border Threatens Our Sovereignty

5) To Secure and protect our borders. Enforce our immigration laws and withhold Federal funds from Sanctuary Cities and States. Adopt policies that enforce orderly migration of a law abiding and productive people. Forbid the apportionment of electoral votes and congressional representation to non-citizens.

Level Playing Field for American Labor

6) To enact Through Trade Legislation laws that foreign producers wishing to sell their products in America, abide by the same laws and regulation heaped on American producers. We demand a level playing field for American Workers and Producers.

Enforce American Laws Not UN Policy on Americans

7) To be Free from collaboration on American soil or where American interests may lie, by our government and its leaders, with foreign nations and the United Nations, on policies that are contrary to our Constitution and its laws.

Energy Independence

8) To pursue and preserve strategic resources and energy independence. Strong, moral nations produce their own vital energy and strategic resources or where impossible, trade with allied nations who maintain congruent values. America is now, through decades of poor policy decisions, dependent on unstable or rogue nations for vital goods and raw materials. Remaining self-sufficient in vital resources and energy production is national security and should be treated as such.

End the U.S. Department of Education

9)To Return education policy to the states and local communities by abolishing the U.S. Department of Education, recognizing that this Federal project has squandered trillions of dollars and failed our children. Returning  power and purse to the states and municipalities is the best route to building a culture of educational opportunity.

End Political Indoctrination in Our Military

10) America and the U.S. Military have achieved greatness through the simple application of meritocracy. Traditionally, in our military, Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines have been incentivized to achieve success through excellence and teamwork, rather than through quotas and preferences. We believe the deviation from these foundational practices and the introduction of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion indoctrination in our military is a symptom of our national decline, force retention and critical recruitment shortfalls. We therefore demand adherence to the values of earned merit, not conditional merit, be re-established in the U.S. Military.

We hold in these United States, the God-Given and Constitutional Right to sign this ReDeclaration of Independence without fear of retribution by our government. 

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