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There is Strength in Numbers.
"Only through a massive signature effort, enforced by millions of Americans who choose Liberty over Security, can we hold our elected representatives accountable for their actions and guide America back to its Founding Values."
- B. Barrett Hinckley, Drafter

About This Effort

"We cannot stand by in good conscience and pass this country, in this condition, to our children and grand children."

The Re-Declaration of Independence is the brainchild of three friends and former high school classmates: a software entrepreneur, an investor and philanthropist, and a career U.S. government employee. They independently grew concerned about trends in federal government size and power and decided they could not stand by in good conscience and pass this country, in this condition, to their children and grandchildren.  They are no different from any other concerned American.

In their discussions, the three friends renewed their admiration for the simplicity and excellence of America’s founding ideals and documents. Our Founders were keen students of history, they studied the rise and the fall of great societies and designed this Republic, with diversified States Rights and Individual Liberties to avoid the pitfalls of Human Nature which inevitably seeks domination of peers. They felt it essential to recommit to those ideals of those Founders, based on individual freedom, rather than steer the country toward European or other unsuitable governance models.

The efforts of these three friends was soon joined by like minded Americans in the editing and construction of this document, several of whom are listed below and others are early signers of this Re-Declaration of Independence, viewed on this web-site. 

Please take time to read our Re-Declaration with care. People generally react in one of three ways: Many love it and want to sign and forward to friends and family, for them to sign. Others agree wholeheartedly but sadly don’t dare sign for fear of the repercussions personally, politically or professionally. This is exactly the reason we know NOW is the time for this document! Lastly, some do disagree with the ten tenets and the concept of the document in general, whereby America must get back to its founding values. This is the group attempting to change the principles of a country that has made more people, from more backgrounds, more successful than any other country in human history. With this group we respectfully disagree.

Getting this country back on track has become a moral obligation for us. We don’t know if this Re-Declaration is the answer to what needs to be done, but we do know it’s our best attempt at an answer. We do know doing nothing is NOT and option and as they say, when you are confronted with adversity, take a step in any direction…This is our step and we hope you take it with us by signing this Re-Declaration and forwarding to your friends and family, for them do the same. Please join us on this journey.

 The ReDeclaration of Independence is a project of ReDeclaration, LLC a Florida-based company.

The Three High School Friends:

B. Barrett Hinckley

 Primary Drafter of The
Re-Declaration of Independence

"Barry" Hinckley is a great grandson of Colonel James Barrett, Commander of the Minute Men who engaged the British in 1775 at the North Bridge in Concord, Ma. Coincidently he was born on April 18th, the day the riders left Boston to alert the Minute Men. He is also a software entrepreneur, having co-founded Bullhorn Software. Barry was a former US Senate Candidate from Rhode Island vs Sheldon Whitehouse Debate Highlights
Barry has been active in pursuing limited government and constitutional values since the Tea Party Movement in Boston in 2008, which though much maligned by the mainstream media, in hindsight predicted much of the problems our nation is facing today. 

David Negley Scaife


Albert "Rob" Pyott

 Primary Editor of the Re-Declaration of Independence



Rob Pyott learned three languages, lived in seven fascinating countries, and worked on four continents during his 27-year career in foreign affairs.  He helped defend U.S. companies from international trade infractions during the Trump Administration, and he advised a senior U.S. military commander during the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts.  The further afield his work took him, the greater his awe for the United States of America and its unparalleled success in achieving freedom, equality, prosperity, and self-governance for its citizens like nowhere else on earth.   

Rob recognizes though that American power – military, economic, and institutional – is not limitless.  Priorities must be set, and strategies must be built upon tested assumptions.  A foreign policy focused on core interests will call for institutional discipline, leading to achievement, not continual over-reach, risking setbacks and failure.  


Contributing Editors:

Bill McCauley

Contributing Editor

Bill McCauley is a 1969 graduate of the Naval Academy, a former Naval Aviator, a retired Wall St executive and, after ~20 years as CEO of III Capital Management, he retired to sail in the Med with his wife.  Bill remains Chairman of the Downtowner, an industry leading micro transit company, and he enjoys his time in Florida with his two kids and four grandkids.

Fred Stuvek Jr.

Contributing Editor

Fred Stuvek Jr. has achieved extraordinary success in diverse realms. Born in West Virginia and raised in Pennsylvania, he has been inducted into the Pennsylvania Sports Hall of Fame for achievements in football, basketball, baseball, and track. He graduated from the United States Naval Academy, after lettering three years as quarterback for the Midshipmen. After service as a Naval Officer, he transitioned to the business world where he has held senior leadership positions in private and public companies, both domestically and internationally. Key successes include an international medical imaging start-up that led to a successful IPO, and forming a private medical services company, which he subsequently sold. From the playing field, to the war room, to the board room his leadership and accomplishments have given him a distinct perspective and a results-oriented mindset.

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