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Our Mission - Is elected representative accountability or replacement.

The mission of this ReDeclaration of Independence is to return our nation to a Constitutional Republic and our government to “We the People”. For too long career politicians have rigged the system with a 98% re-election rate and have ignored the will of the people. They’ve sold us out for personal gain and that of their monied allies. 

We will no longer stand by and be witness to this corruption. The ReDeclaration of Independence is a measuring stick, with its 10 tenets, with which we can hold our representatives accountable for the actions and efforts they make in congress. They can no longer return to their district without being measured against this ruler and ask for their job back. By signing the ReDeclaration of Independence we demand that our representatives not only Sign the Re-Declaration, but take action while in office, to pursue its 10 tenets and do their part in returning America to a Constitutional Republic, or we’ll elect someone who will. 

Yours in Patriotism.

The Team at The ReDeclaration of Independence
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