"Only through a massive signature effort, enforced by millions and millions of Liberty Loving Americans, can we peacefully guide America back to its Founding Values"

Terms & Conditions

By signing the Re-Declaration of Independence you agree that your name and email address can be used in efforts set out in the Re-Declaration of Independence and to promote it’s growth to gain more signers and use the “strength in numbers” philosophy to pursue the objectives laid in the Re-Declaration of Independence, which is owned and operated by ReDeclaration, LLC. ReDeclaration, LLC retains the rights to your contact information and will only use your information to further the efforts of this national petition and related efforts, which may include promoting other companies or individuals with common goals. Those efforts may include posting a video that you created explaining why you signed the Re-Dec, if you send one in, it may, upon the sole discretion of ReDeclaration, LLC also include posting your name on the bottom of the Re-Declaration of Independence, online, unless you opt to remain anonymous at the time of signing. It may also include at some point, a solicitation for financial support to offset the cost of maintaining, operating and promoting the Re-Declaration of Independence, although that will not be required by any signer.  ReDeclaration.org and ReDeclaration, LLC are NOT REGISTERED as a non-profit. ReDeclaration.org and ReDeclaration, LLC reserve the right to remove names or not add names to the petition who we deem display inappropriate or threatening behavior. We are traditional Americans trying to do good things for our country and will not be hijacked by individuals or causes outside the bounds of joining the nation around our constitutional values. If you have opted to remain anonymous as a signer your contact info will not be used publicly and only used for e-mail communication to keep you up to date on the mission. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at

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